[OFFICIAL] Fantagio addressing multiple issues

Hello. This is Fantagio.

There were lots of issues we couldn't address quickly, and we would like to deeply apologize.

We, Fantagio, are sorry to all Arohas, and will address all the issues.

< Eunwoo's Health and Schedules>

Eunwoo was taken to the hospital right after the Taiwan showcase and was diagnosed and treated at the spot. He was advised to rest for a day and he didn't participate in the interview and variety show on the next day.

After this issue, we have tried our best to modify any schedules to prioritize Eunwoo, and of course ASTRO's health. But it was difficult to completely cancel any schedules we promised with fans, and Eunwoo healed very quickly, so he carried on with the other schedules.

We apologize for worrying you all and not being able to explain at that moment.

<'Should Have Held On' Music Video>

ASTRO filmed the music video and album jacket photoshoot for 'Should Have Held On'. But we came to a conclusion that the final product of the music video did not match ASTRO's image and/or concept, and it didn't match what we had in plan, so we decided after much discussion to not release the music video.

Up until the actual release of the special album, the ASTRO members and staff have discussed if we should release the music video. We tried our best to come up with contents in replacement of the music video, but the final product was not to our liking, so we didn't release that as well.

We do admit that we, Fantagio, did not prepare well enough, and that we may have come to the wrong conclusion. We apologize for not explaining the situation, and apologize once again for disappointing Arohas who have been waiting for the music video.

<'Confession' Practice Video>

We did plan to film the 'Confession' practice video, but due to conflicts within the schedule, we couldn't film it. ASTRO continued 'Confession' promotions without us rescheduling it, and lost the timing with the end of 'Confession' promotions; please understand.

We, Fantagio, promise to prioritize ASTRO's health before scheduling any activities and events in the future. We apologize again for not explaining the situation, and we will continue to work hard so ASTRO can grow and develop more.

Once again, we apologize to Arohas who love and care for ASTRO.

translated by Flora @offciastro for @ASTROseasons
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